Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to the Allied Forces Cold War Association...

By Michael W. "Mick" Stewart
AFCWA Interim President / US Operations Director
[ Houston, TX, USA ] On 1 May 2009 - Cold War Victory Day - the ALLIED FORCES COLD WAR ASSOCATION began operations in the United States. Cold War Victory Day in the United States especially after the year the Soviet Union fell, is accepted by most historians as being the year 1991.
Today, we celebrate Cold War Victory Day with the formation of the Allied Forces Cold War Association [ AFCWA ] an international veterans organization of veterans who served during this tumultuous period - 1945-1991 - and organize in honor of those who died. The AFCWA is an example of this spirit of comradery, remembrance and vigiliance. As we begin operation, it is incumbent upon me to mention two other Cold War veterans groups who have come before us:

The Cold War Veterans Assocation [CWVA] and the American Cold War Veterans Association [ACWVA], both exemplary organizations with deeply, devoted CW veterans. We salue them for the work they have done on behalf of Cold War veterans. Vince Milum, the President of the CWVA however, bears special mention as Vince started the ball rolling with the formation of the CWVA in 2001, only months after the 9/11 attacks. Today, both organizations serve the interests of Cold War veterans in America.

With the formation of the AFCWA, we bring together those Allied Nations who have helped play a role in defeating global Communism, especially those countries who no longer exist: the Republic of Vietnam, Rhodesia and others who succumbed to the overwhelming numbers of Marxist-Leninist philosophies. Our "international" scope allows us to effectively bring them into the Cold War family of veterans where they belong.
Tap into our organization and join us on the only Cold War forum devoted to all nations who fought for freedom:
The Allied Forces Cold War Forum

With the formation of our organization, we ask all Cold War veterans to work together for the common good of our cause. Remember that we all served in defence of freedom.